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### Surface Maintenance ###
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Surface Maintenance

by: Dahut Mondmo

Translated by: fio, from the french version on this site.

Disclaimer: the characters in this story do not belong to the author and she's not making any money with it...

Style: Testimony (warning, this is not a story to itself but mostly some portraits)
Résumé: When we get interested a little more to "the little less".

Commentary: No ties to the Direction of La Rochelle, just on the same principle.

To all the persons who do the maintenance of the office premises, because their job is not negligible, to Fio, and Lou and Meven.

Not to be published without my permission.

Sandrine, 24 years old

"He didn't even wipe his feet. Everything has to be started over ! It's everytime the same thing with Cardignac. No respect, no excuses. He's going to complain again to the whole floor. He thinks he's superior because he has a position at the counsel. And to say that I too could have been sitting there. Just through favorable circumstances. Seven years ago, i was studying economy. Brilliant, i would have had my bachelorship if, for family reasons, i wouldn't have ran away. The re-marriage of my widowed father, my crabby mother-in-law wanting me to pay rent to live in MY house, et here is how we find ourselves thrown by force in the active life at eighteen years old. a real Cinderella ! I was in SES and it worked pretty well for 2 months, i found myself at the back of a cash-box at the supermarket. Of course, i was quick to be "replaced" by the other youngsters of the same age, qualified, so deserving my job more than me. I would love to see him be a cashier, this Cardignac ! Him who is so TDTCS, so snob !
He would be less proud ! And in plus of that, he has a marten's head. I'm wondering how his associates can trust him. There are people who really have the face that corresponds to their personality. I would be very happy if Kerensky would lay him off by "accident". After all, him too cannot stand him. Who stands him, this Cardignac, anyway ? It wouldn't be a great loss. I'm asking myself why the big boss is still insisting to keep him."

Marie-Ange, 53 years old,

He's talking about his new suit with DelFerril. It's from a great tailor, but i find that he doesn't have the shoulders to wear it. Too frail. But on my Pierre, the poor one, it's been 13 years that he hasn't changed his uniform. And it's not with his small salary of small civil servant and mine that we can afford one day to renew it. It's hard enough to meet the ends at the end of the month. And with the pension, it won't get better. There are still seven years of work left the great maximum, that is if i am not laid off before. These days, they prefer the young dynamic ones. If i am still here it will be because of my seniority: it's not right to lay off someone after 32 years of good and loyal services. And never a day off: no sick leave, no pregnancies. And i also know all the corners of this building. The corridors, the offices, but also the basement and the warehouses ! This mister Cardignac can't say as much. Him, outside of his meeting rooms,
corridors and 2 elevators."

Hasnaa, 32 years old,

He bullies me and never excuses himself. Like that. Because i am a stranger. I don't speak a word of their language so they take advantage of it. There are some who are nice with me: the other Moslems, with whom i talk and work often at night, and with Marie-Ange. She is a genious. She does everything to make me learn their language. Kerensky also gave me some books to learn. He is good too. Very reserved, and distant. When i will know how to talk well, the first thing i will do will be to thank them both of them, and next, i will insult Cardignac. He permits himself everything and anything. I would love to see him find himself in Morroco, with nobody to talk with. He would learn maybe how to treat the people with more respect."

Morganne, 16 years old,

"Oh, that killing look ! It didn't take much for Cardignac to bully Hasnaa and to receive illico a frozen look from the security guard. I like that guy. He can be distant but he's also nice in his own way. He takes care of the others, like when he gave a little hand to Sandrine. She was being harassed by a manager and Kerensky transfered this obsessed guy to Australia. Ok, it wasn't legal, but we can consider this like a friendly arrangement. He pleases me ! If he wasn't so dangerous, it would please me to discuss with him. He looks very intelligent. And he also has this cold country little charm. If Marie-Ange would know that i am fantasising on her employees instead of washing the floor, i would loose my job. She is so concentrated. I am only working at nights at Group W, as a little job. I prefer doing that rather than baby-sitting: and i see people, the schedule if fixed and it's not undeclared ! And just to cross Kerensky's way in a corridor, it's worth the try ! Tall, with mostly square shoulders, straight, dark and strict appearance. Discreet, with a suave and poised voice. I would love to be in his ams on a winter night ! And even in the summer anyways. Oh God, i've just put some javel water on the carpet ! I'm going to get burned ! Here's what you get when your not connected. He passes in front of me and looks at me. Oh la la, i 'm turning red like a peony ! Hopefully that he can't read my mind, otherwise the poor one would be horrified ! What a shame that he's too old, otherwise it wouldn't have been a problem to flirt with him. It would just have been a flirt, but i'm not sure that it would have been worth it. He would have taught me the Russian, the chess, the computers and i would have assimilated it all (forcibly, with a guy like that, it's motivating !) He looks super romantic in plus of that. I've heard that he had an affair with a secretary not long ago. A surface technician in her lost time, and it didn't bother her."
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