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### FS1 [Fragmented Story] ###
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Genre: Genre:Femelle
Inscrit le: 24 Mar 2003
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MessagePosté le: 26 Juin 2003 12:21 am    Sujet du message: FS1 [Fragmented Story] Répondre en citant

Composed by Baron_FEL, administrator of this site

You are asking yourself what is a fragmented story right?

It is a fan fiction that we are all going to build together, each of us his turn, phrase by phrase. Is it clear?

Now I am going to start to explain the rules. You are going to understand this soon (if not already done).

1. Each member can write as many sentences as he/se wants, but in ONLY one post.

2. The posted sentence should be related with the one before so it would keep the story coherent.

3. If there is a conflict between two different following posts the priority goes to the one who posted first.

4. The following posts are condemned to be erased by their posters

5. Please write you sentences in red an your comments in black.

6. No editing allowed (except for correcting mistakes) otherwise the other messages would become obsolete.

7. When the number of posts start to decrease the participants are allowed a second turn.

8. At the end, the fan fiction will be published in its whole with the participants name.

There you go for the theory. Now let's start with the practice:

While Largo Winch, Joy Arden and Simon Ovronnaz were walking in Central Park, enjoying the fresh air, Joy suddenly fainted...

When she woke up, she didn't knew where she was: she just remembered that she suddenly felt bad. She finally saw the nurse that was next to her :

- Whe... Where am I?
- In the hospital... Everything is okay, don't worry!
- Why ? Why did I fell down?
- Joy Arden, I have very good news for you : you're pregnant!...

OK, let's go!

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Genre: Genre:Femelle
Inscrit le: 24 Mar 2003
Messages: 3177
Localisation: Partout / Everywhere
MessagePosté le: 26 Juin 2003 12:40 am    Sujet du message: Répondre en citant

Authors: fio, Alyssa, Simon2477, ami, Vanja

Started on the and continuing here.

Stupefied, Joy could not beleive the news, then, as she gently brought her right hand to pick up some tears coming down from her eyes and seing Largo coming towards her from far she aproached the nurse and said softly:

-Don't tell Largo... just not yet. I don't want him to worry about me.

The nurse nodded, and moved away, approaching Largo.

-Joy will be all right, she just needs to take it easy.

Largo nodded, and made his way over to Joy's bedside.

-How are you feeling? he asked her.

-"Fine" Joy nodded and tried to give her voice the strength she wasn´t feeling t all.

-"Maybe too much stress lately...and the jetlag "

-"I was worried about you" Largo said, gently caring her hair. " Please don´t do that to me again. You know, I couldn´t live loosing you again."

-" You won´t " Joy said, but her voice was about to betray her. " Never"

The room was dark and somehow cold when the nurse checked on Joy again later that night.. She had agreed to doctor´s advice to sta overnight, just to make sure.

Alarmed by a soft noise the nurse switched on the light.

-" Miss Arden, why are you crying ? Is everything fine ? Is there anything I can do for you?? Shall I call Mr. Winch back??"

-"No, please" Joy sniffled, trying to hide her red rimmed eyes. "Not him..."

-"But why...?"

-"I just need a bit of time to think," Joy replied. She wiped the tears away, and took a deep breath.

-"There is a Mr Kerensky here, by the way," the nurse said. "He said he just wanted to come see how you were."

Kerensky? Joy thought. That was a surprise.

-"Could you send him in please?" she asked the nurse. The nurse left, and a few moments later, Kerensky walked in.

-"How are you feeling, Joy?" he asked, looking concerned.

-"I thought you would have hacked the hospital computers to find out," Joy joked, trying to smile. Kerensky grinned.

-"Yes, well... I figured I could have, but it's just not as personal," he replied.

- "You're sure you're Ok? you look kind of pale to me. Maybe i should ask the nurse to make you pass some tests..." he replied.

-" Kerensky, the nurse said i was fine and i will defenitely not stay another day in here" she said with that agressive look of hers, worrying deep inside that this russian could guess what was wrong with her.

Suddenly the nurse came halfway through the door. "The visits are over, Mr. Kerensky. The visitors are requested to leave the patient's room" she said. Kerensky said goodbye to Joy and as he went out he had a thinking look in his eyes wondering if she was not hiding anything from him again.

The next day, Largo and Simon came to pick her up. As she saw Largo aproaching, their eyes locked for a long moment. Simon noticed it and thought :"how can she manage to look like marble when she desires him fervently? i will never understand women !"

Simon shook his head and started to get into his car, so he could leave the two alone.

-"I'm going with you Simon," Joy smiled.-

-"Aren't you coming with me?" Largo asked curiously.-

-"No, Simon's car is right here. I'll just go with him." she replied quickly.

-"I can pull the car..."

-"Simon won't mind." she stated.

-"Ok." Simon said looking from one to the other.

Largo could tell that there was some tension between the two but couldn't figure out what. Joy seemed to keep her distance between the two, always seeming to have someone with them or somehow disappearing into thin air.

"Are you all right Joy?" Simon asked as they drove back to Group W.

"I don't know, Simon," Joy replied. "I don't know what to do."

"If there's anything I can do for you Joy, you only need ask," Simon replied. Joy still looked pale, and he was worried. Maybe he would ask Kerensky to snoop in the hospital records if she didn't seem to be getting better soon.

She was remembering how it happened. How she got pregnant. She had bumped again into Alan, (the guy who got her attention in the Love hurts episode). This time she was a little surprised when he asked her if she was involved with Largo.

-"What makes you think of that ?" she asked cautiously

-"By the way he treated me last time" he replied. "He seemed very protective of you..."

She was about to reply something but could not find her words.

-"You should have told me you were his body guard. It would have saved me a lot of pain..."

-"Really?" she aswered back. "and you would still have found me charming afterwards?"

-"You're always as beautiful as the day i met you at that restaurant." he told her, now aproaching a bit closer to her. "Remember?"

-"Yes" she said shyly. "And you were very convincing..."

-"And when i brought you back to your appartment and kissed you, we were interrupted by your father calling..."

-"And you made me laugh by wanting to see him to fix my problems..." she replied, laughing at him

-"And we kissed...and i let you leave, regretting not to have gone further..."

She had stopped laughing now as he was looking at her in a loving way.

-"Do you still regret it?" she asked him just to teaze him.

He hadn't answered. Instead, he reached out his hand and lightly touched her neck.

Seeing that Joy didn't move away from his touch, he leaned over and kissed her, first softly and tentatively. To his surprise Joy answered the kiss. He moved closer and kissed her again, this time with more courage and passion.

Joy's instincts had told her that it was not a good idea. She sensed Alan might have feelings for her she didn't think she could return, and she didn't want to end up hurting him.

But she had been feeling lonely, and feeling Alan's body so close to her filled her with warmth she couldn't resist. They had gone to his apartment, and spent the night there. In the morning she had pleaded to an early morning meeting and left early, though Alan had asked her not to.

-"Joy... Joy, we're here. Time to get off" said Simon. He had parked the car without her even noticing it.

-"Oh, sorry... I guess I was just a bit lost in my thoughts" she said.

More than a bit lost, thought Simon, but he didn't say it out loud.
They stepped in to the lift, and headed for the top floors where they both worked most of the time.

-"You going to see Largo?" asked Simon.

-"In a little while" she said. "I've got some things to take care of first."

She left the lift before Simon, and went to the ladies' room.
She knew she had to pull herself together, she couldn't start crying, especially not in front of Largo. If she did, he wouldn't give up until she had told him everything. And she wasn't ready for that. Not yet, perhaps not ever.

Meanwhile, Simon headed for Largo's office to wait for him. Largo arrived ten minutes later. He said hello to Simon, sat behind his desk and stared out of his window. Joy's behaviour puzzled him, and though he didn't want to admit it, upset him. Simon could see he wasn't quite his normal self, but didn't say anything. He felt caught between those two after what had happened at the hospital. He didn't want to betray Joy's confidence, but he didn't want to hold things from Largo either. After a moment Largo turned his eyes from the window and said:

- "Well, better get to work. Was there something you wanted to talk about?"

Simon guessed that his friend wanted badly to ask about Joy, and if she had said anything on the ride over.

-"Nothing much really" he replied as he got off of the couch he had been sitting on.

-"Joy seemed to be pretty much okay by the way. Though she did still seem a little pale."

Largo nodded and was quiet for a few seconds.

-"What..." he started

Just then Joy walked in.

She had heard them from behind the door. Unintentionally.

She never thought that her body would gave away so quickly the signs of what bothered her to the point to worry another human being. They cared for her, she had known it for a long time. Could she trust them now?

Ok, now you can add a line or a paragraph to continue this story by pressing on reply...
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