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### FS2 [Fragmented Story] ###
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This is another fragmented story started on the and continuing here.

Authors: Alyssa, ami, fio, Vanja

It was a quarter before midnight. Largo Winch, the billionnaire, was sleeping in his deluxe jet as it was flying over the Atlantic ocean when suddenly the phone started to ring...


-"Largo? You awake? I need to talk to you."

Largo rubbed his eyes, and sat up in his chair. Kerensky sounded worried. What could be wrong?

-"What is it?" Largo asked as he swung his legs over the side of the bed.

-"Hurry down to the bunker! You have to see this."
Largo closed his eyes and sighed.

-"Alright I'll be down there in two seconds."


-"Hey Kerensky, you playing a joke on me?" said Largo, wide awake now, suddenly realizing that he was in his deluxe jet and not in his penthouse...

Kerensky gave a quiet chuckle.

-"I figured you were asleep, and I've always wanted to do that," he said. Largo sighed and rolled his eyes.

-"Okay, so what's the problem?" he asked.

-"There's been a bomb threat at Group W - everyone's being evacuated," Kerensky replied.

-"Why aren't you out?" Largo asked.

-"I scanned for a bomb, and didn't find one, so I think it's reasonably safe," Kerensky said. "But, it's causing havoc with the business, of course. I keep wondering who is behind all these interruptions. A bomb threat today, the water main break last week, and the small fire in Cardignac's office... what next?"

-"Why would someone try to wreck Group W's business with such little things?" Largo asked.

-"I figured you would ask me something like that" replied Kerensky "So i did a checkup and it seems that all those events seem to be related...Our friend Cardignac is in trouble again."

-"Oh yeah? What did he do this time?" replied Largo.

-"I'd like to know that too" replied Kerensky.

-"So far the only thing I've come up with is that all these cases are somehow linked to him. Today Cardignac was apparently just about to have a very important meeting to close a big deal as the bomb threat came. And the break in the plumbing very conveniently flooded the storage room where he kept some of his private treasures, such as his quite illegal Cuban cigars."

Largo had to smile despite of his tiredness.

-"Is there anything you don't know about the company employees?" he asked.

-"No, not really" Kerensky answered. "You should see the file I have on you"

-"I think I'll pass that" said Largo. "But what do you think about this?"

-"Well it doesn't seem like an attack directed against the company. It's more like somebody -bless their soul- is trying to get to Cardignac on a personal level. Though they seem to be doing it through the company."

-"Someone must be pretty upset with him" noted Largo.

-"That narrows it down to about 99% of the humanity" Kerensky said.

-"It wouldn't happen to be you, now would it?" Largo said jokingly.

-"Hardly. My methods are much more effective and precise than bursting pipes and bomb threats"

-"But I just thought you ought to know about this" he continued. "Should I just leave Cardignac at the mercy of his newest enemy, or do you want me to look into this?"

-"Look into this Kerensky." Largo replied. "Group W's security is at stake and i don't want the next threat to make some victims."

Largo then called Michel.

-"Michel," he said. "Come to my office righ now please, we have something to discuss..."

And now, it's your turn to continue this story by adding a line or a paragraph...
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