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### FS3 [Fragmented Story] ###
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Story started on the ze-largo-winch-site and continuing on this site.

Authors: Alyssa, fio

It was a nice winter night. Largo Winch came out of the Buiding W escorted by Joy Arden, his bodyguard, and his old friend Simon Ovronnaz. They were walking for a long time on the snow, all wrapped up in their warm clothes when suddenly Joy's cellpone rang. It was Kerensky, and he sounded concerned.

-"Do you think you can keep her under control, Kerensky?" she asked.

-"I'm afraid i can't." he replied. "Not this time..."

-"Okay, I'll see what i can do." said Joy.

-"Tell Largo to hurry up before she puts his penthouse in pieces."

Joy was tired of hearing about Roxanne. She was a pest and also Largo's latest conquest. Uncontrolable and getting on everybody nerves. Largo had found her charming and had given her access to his penthouse. He had left Kerensky to keep an eye on her because her tycoon father had been threatened to have his daughter kidnapped. And, as he was Nerio's best friend Largo had offered her father to keep an eye on her.

Simon took a look at Joy and said laughing:

-"I bet it's Roxanne again, heh Joy?. What is she complaining about this time?"

-"Largo, we need to head back inside," Joy said, sounding a bit annoyed.

-"But we're going out," Largo protested.

-"That was Kerensky - Roxanne is destroying the penthouse." Joy stated.

-"What?!" Largo was incredulous. He turned around and took the stairs two at a time, and Joy and Simon were hard-pressed to keep up to him. They arrived back in the penthouse shortly. Kerensky stood just inside the door, his arms crossed. He looked cranky. They could hear the sounds of crashing from the other room.

-"Kerensky? What's happening?" Largo asked. Kerensky gave Largo one of those looks that said 'why do you make me do this?' and replied,

-"She's having a tantrum. And I'm not a babysitter."

-"Hey Roxanne, why you're doing this?" asked Largo, avoiding a heavy book thrown at him by the girl when he tried to aproach her.

She was furious.

-"So you think that you are the only one entitled to have fun heh?" she replied angrily. "You leave me standing here with this cold hearted person who don't even want to answer my questions."

Simon had heard the comment as he came in and started to laugh.

-"Who, Kerensky?"

The russian gave him one of his mean looks that made Simon shut up. Largo was staring at Kerensky too now, and wanted an explanation.

-"Don't you all look at me like that." said Kerensky. "Miss, here, just answered the phone and got a lady called Vanessa on the line. I think Vanessa played a joke on her."

-"So, where's the problem?" asked Simon.

-"Yes, where's the problem? " asked Roxanne. "That b.... told me that she was very good friend with you, Largo. She even explained me graphically how much of a good friend she was. Who is she?"

-"You don't need to know." cut Kerensky with an answer. "For security reasons."

-"I hate you!" Roxanne shouted at Kerensky. He merely stared at her.

-"Largo, I've had enough. I'm going back downstairs," Kerensky said. Largo turned.

-"Wait a minute," he said. "Where are we going to put Roxanne?"

Kerensky shrugged.

-"I don't know. And I don't want to know, unless I can avoid the place."

Now Roxanne was even more furious and started to yell.

-"Guys, your both treating me like a piece of furniture. I've had enough!!!"

She took her purse and started to go towards the door. Just then, Joy, who was about to get in, blocked her way.

-"Hey lady," replied Joy. "You're not going nowhere until Largo says so." She gave Roxanne a mean look. "Remember what your father said."

Roxanne turned around and stared at Largo, waiting maybe for him to command Joy to let her out. Kerensky was about to leave too. Joy let him pass through the door and asked him as he was nearby:

-"What's wrong with her now?"

-"Oh, nothing" replied Kerensky. "She's just having a jealous fit. Vanessa called."

Just then, Largo came towards Roxanne and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her close to him.

-"Roxanne," he said, looking at her in a seductive way. "You've got to understand. Your life is in danger and here at Group W, you're in good hands. Simon is going to replace Kerensky and will be at your service if you need anything. I have to be to a reception in a couple of hours. It's important."

She couldn't argue and calmed down. That conversation with Vanessa was still bothering her. Would that Vanessa lady be with him at the reception?. She had to find out who Vanessa was. Maybe Simon could help...later, one way or another she would find out...

-"Have fun Simon," Joy said, following Largo out the door. Simon smiled at Joy and waved, then turned back to face Roxanne.

-"So, what do you want to do?" he asked her. "I could take you on a tour of Group W..."

-"Tell me about Largo," Roxanne said. She hoped that Simon would eventually tell her about Vanessa.

-"Oh sure," Simon replied. "There was this time when..."

Joy was elegantly dressed and all wrapped up in a fashionable white winter coat as Largo escorted her to his limo.

Too bad for the walk under the stars, she thought, it would have been nice to take some fresh air again, walking beside Largo, dragging Simon along. Simon, as funny as he was, always knew when it was time to leave them alone, just by taking a look on her face. It was too late for a walk and Largo really wanted to be on time at the reception. His company's money contribution was supposed to be the event of the evening.

This time she was alone with him in the limo while his chauffeur was driving and Largo's aftershave was pleasantly filling her nostrils. She risked to asked him a question that was bothering her for a couple of weeks, ever since Roxanne had came into Largo's life:

-"Largo, you're serious about that Roxanne girl?"

Largo looked at Joy, and their eyes locked. Largo shrugged.

-"I don't know. At least not yet. I hadn't expected her to throw a tantrum, that's for sure," he replied.

-"Neither had I," Joy said. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat. "I thought Kerensky was going to lose it on her," she joked. Largo grinned.

-"I don't think he'll forgive me for a long time," he said.

-"Oh, don't worry about Kerensky, he has his ways of forgetting..." said Joy. "It's more about Simon that I am worried about."

Meanwhile back at the penthouse, Simon was watching the news on television while Roxanne was trying to assemble something to eat from what was left in the fridge. She was trying to find a way to make Simon talk about that Vanessa girl and maybe that nice bottle of wine on the counter could do the trick.

Simon was sitting, relaxing in the sofa when he heard her say:

-"Simon, dear, what is your favorite food ? There's a nice bottle of red wine waiting for us and I can't wait to show you my culinary talents."

Joy waited patiently in the crowd, watching as Largo finished his speech.

-"I hope that the donation made by Group W, $10 million, will help the school district of New York in their quest for specialized education for students in need. Thank you." The applause was loud, and Largo smiled before stepping back from the podium, and making his way off the stage. Joy grabbed a couple flutes of champagne from a tray,and made her way to Largo's side.

-"Champagne?" she offered.

-"Thanks Joy," Largo said, taking a glass. They clinked glasses, and sipped their champagne as they watched the crowd.

-"I wonder how Simon is doing with our little friend," Joy mused.

Meanwhile, back at Largo's penthouse Roxanne was waiting for Simon's answer.

-"Surprise me!" she heard Simon reply to her question.

She quickly started to assembled an exotic spicy dish. When it was ready she went to get him.

-"Close your eyes, Simon." she asked him. "You will have to guess your surprise."

As he approached beside the table, with eyes closed, the cooked garlic smell invaded his nostrils.

-"I don't know what you cooked but it sure smells good." he replied. "Can i look now?"

"Yes." she said as she was bringing the red bottle of wine on the table. "It's spicy a bit."

He then sat down with her after he had opened the wine bottle and started to eat his Tofu and cucumber salad with a spicy peanut sauce. She was now giving him a generously filled wine glass...

-"Absolutely delicious!" Simon exclaimed. "Want to cook for me more often?"

-"Sure, I'd love to," she said, pouring some more wine in his glass. "Drink up, the night is still young."

Needless to say, it didn't take long for Simon to get a little worse for the wear. He felt the wine go right to his head.

-"So, who is Vanessa?" Roxanne asked casually.

-"My sister. I thought you knew that," Simon replied.

-"No, I didn't - no one had ever told me," she said. She fumed, knowing that if Simon's sister was having a fling with Largo, then Simon and Largo were more likely to defend her than Roxanne.

-"V's a bit of a troublemaker, but I lover her," Simon said, the wine obviously affecting him more than he'd intended. Just then, his cellphone rang.

-"Simon here," he said fuzzily.

-"Simon, how's things going with the little brat?"

It was Kerensky.

-"You don't know what you're missing, pal." he replied, watching Roxanne going to the ladie's room.

-"She's a real beauty and she cooks too." he added.

-"So, you finally got that spoiled brat to calm down after all." he heard Kerensky say.

-" Yeah," said Simon drunkenly. "She even cooked for me one of those spicy dish i will remember for a long time. My mouth's on fire..."

Kerensky rang Joy.

-"I know you want some time away with Largo," he said, "but it sounds like Roxanne's gotten Simon nice and drunk. It might be a good idea to look in on him."

-"Why don't you do it, Georgy?" Joy suggested. She heard Kerensky groan.

-"If I must. But you owe me one," Kerensky replied.

20 minutes later, he had finished assembling the miniature camera transmitters he would hide in Largo's kitchen and living room and decided it was time to pay Roxanne a second visit. He then took the elevator right down to Largo's penthouse and got in. She was not in sight yet but he saw Simon asleep on the sofa. Probably from too much drinking he thought.

-"Roxanne !" he started to yell. "Roxanne, you're there?."

No answer. He went in the kitchen and then in the living room to quickly put the transmitters in unnoticeable spots. He then took a quick look around the penthouse and after seeing no sign of Roxanne, he decided to call Joy.

-"Joy, I think we have a problem," Kerensky said.

-"What now Georgy?" she replied.

-"Roxanne's disappeared, and Simon's on the couch, drunk," he answered. He heard Joy sigh.

-"All right, I'll tell Largo. He's not going to like this."

-"I'll check with floor security, see if anyone saw her," Kerensky said. "She can't have gotten far... I hope. Maybe we'll get lucky and she and Vanessa will get into trouble together," he quipped.

-"Ha ha, very funny," Joy said, "That's the last thing we need." She laughed a bit anyways.

-"I'll be in the bunker when you get back," Kerensky said.

Roxanne was tired of being held like a prisonner into Largo's penthouse. She had been there almost a week now and needed a change. She had managed to get out of Group W and jumped into a taxi. She then went to buy herself something decent to wear and payed it with her credit card.

Meanwhile at the reception, Joy was keeping a close eye on Largo while sipping her second flute of champagne. The wife of the mayor of New York was chatting away with him, congratulating him on such a generous donation when somebody aproached him on the side saying:

-"Ahaaa Largo!,"

Largo noticed him and was surprised. He was not expecting him to be there. The old man asked him:

-"So, how is my lovely daughter doing? Not giving too much trouble?"

Largo smiled, and shook the old man's hand.

-"Not too much, sir," he replied. "I don't think she likes staying in one place for too long though!" He tried to keep his tone light, even though he was a bit annoyed at Roxanne.

-"She is a bit spoiled, I admit it," her father said. "But I've tried to do my best by her. I am so worried that she could get involved in something dangerous."

-"She seems like she's pretty sensible most of the time," Largo allowed.

In the meantime, Kerensky had tracked down Roxanne's whereabouts until she had left Group W - by the main entrance. A security guard told him that she had gotten into a cab. He went back to the bunker, and called Joy to tell her the news. In the meantime, he ran a check on all her credit cards, hoping that she might be only going shopping, and that he could locate her soon.

-"Good luck Kerensky," Joy said. "And how's Simon?"

-"Still sleeping it off," he replied. "I think it'll be awhile before he'll be up and at 'em...."

-"Largo's just chatting with her father right now," Joy said. "I sure hope you can find her before he hears about her disappearance. I'll try to get back to Group W as soon as I can."

-"I'm tracing her credit cards - it looks like she charged her cab fare, although that won't help me until I can talk to the driver. Maybe I'll get lucky, and she'll just have gone shopping," he replied.

They were there, waiting for her in their van. Roxanne was their target. Her billionnaire father did not agree to the latest conditions of the Adriatic Commission and her abduction could surely make him change his mind.

She had made a mistake and it was in their favor. They knew she would get out of Group W's building, it was just a matter of time before they would get the opportunity to catch her. They had followed her and waited for the right time to strike. Now she stood there, coming out of her cab and a couple of feet away from the door of the place where Largo was. The cab left and she walked a couple of steps.

She was curious. Largo would be very surprised to see her, she thought. And also, she wanted to know if that Vanessa girl was there with him at the reception. Suddenly she heard a man's voice in her back.

-"Miss,"he said. "Can you help me?"

-"What do you need?" she asked him.

-"Can you give me directions to Penn Station?" the man asked her. She paused, and that's when he lunged and grabbed her. He dragged her into the van, and it sped off.

In the meantime, Joy had returned to Group W, and Kerensky was in the bunker.

-"Any luck?" she asked him.

-"None yet. Looks like some fieldwork is in order for this," Kerensky replied.

Group W's outside cameras showed onscreen a Roxanne climbing into a taxi. A good thing that Kerensky had thought of it at the last moment.

-"Seems like our little pest went for a ride" he told Joy.

-"Yeah" said Joy. "I figured a brat like her couldn't stay locked up for a long time."

Kerensky stared at her and gave her a mischevious smile.

-"That reminds me of someone..." he said jokingly

-"Don't you start..." said Joy, giving him one of her murderous looks.

-"Let's get down to business." he said, turning his head around and tapping his computer. Onscreen he could see the taxi turning around in the curve. He magnified the picture and was able to get the licence plate's number.

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